Sunday, September 28, 2014

Ultima: Terror of Exodus Update #1

    I've decided to post what I have scanlated of ToE already up to the blog. Don't expect this much progress each update, it has taken many hours over many days just to get this far.
    There are a few notes I should talk about:
  • The sfx font I think I'll change later on, as I don't really like how it looks right now. As you can see, I've stopped putting it in in the later ones, while I search for a more suitable font.
  • I've decided to be boring and just use Wildwords as my bubble font, it just looks so right.
    Without further ado, here is the manga. I'll put any comments in the captions.

I have not yet changed the cover, as I do not know Japanese, and have been relying
on this translation.

Unfortunately, It was almost impossible to fit Sattava's quote in his bubble
with legibly sized text. I tried my best, I guess. I will probably change that

The SFX on this page were horrendous to remove. They were all over the

    Thanks for reading this and my blog! Hope you come back!

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